The easiest way to do this is to open the hood. Look around the engine room. Does the engine room have a relatively new layer of paint? If there is, this indicates an overhaul. There are many causes of it, ranging from floods, collisions, and other damage. So if you don’t want to purchase a bad used car, make sure you check it carefully before you skup samochodów.

The next step is to see if there is a machine leak. At the bottom and also check the hose that is connected to the engine. Usually, traders try to cover it by washing the car’s engine so it doesn’t show if there is oil seeping. Check, whether the end of the engine bolt is scratched or defective because it is often open and close. Because this method also determines whether the machine is often opened or not.

Pay attention to the sound of the engine when it’s first turned on. Listen to whether there are sounds or vibrations that are unnatural or not in rhythm. See also the color of exhaust fumes. If the color is black, indicates incomplete combustion. If the color is white smoke, there is an indication of the mixture of oil in the combustion chamber. If you are in doubt, you should invite a mechanic or someone who is an expert about the car. Then, you must not forget to test drive the car right away.