Screw compressors must be properly operated and carefully maintained. Regular and proper maintenance will make the screw compressor long and still work well. Whereas if there is a problem, immediately take the right action so that no more damage occurs. Additionally, if your factory has a lot of damaged ball screws, perhaps you want to hire the best ball screw repair company.

These are ways to do routine maintenance on screw compressors:

Daily routine maintenance that needs to be carried out includes checking oil lubricant leakage, checking the pressure and air temperature discharge, checking vibration on the motor and compressor, checking the pressure of the sump tank, and checking the drain vessel and isolation valve per shift.

Weekly checks include checking the separator element.

Monthly maintenance that needs to be done includes temperature sensor checks, replacement of Food Grade Coolant at first use and 6 months for subsequent changes, and inspection of hose conditions.

Maintenance every 3 months consists of replacing the filter element of lubricating oil, checking the quality of lubricating oil, analyzing the vibrations that arise, and checking the alignment of couplings or coupling alliances.

Maintenance every 5 months or 4000 operating hours includes cleaning of the scavenge screen and orifice, cleaning the coolant cores and changing the air filter.

Annual maintenance or 8000 operating hours consist of Ultra coolant replacement for the first replacement and 2 years for the next replacement, as well as replacement of the starter motor contactor.

Meanwhile, if you are going to troubleshooting, do the handling according to the problems that arise. One of the most common problems is the excess consumption of lubricants or the presence of lubricants in the air system.

This may cause the excessive level of lubricating oil, there is a separator element that has a blockage, the presence of a leaky separator element, the compressor operates with a low pressure of 75psig or 5barg and the leakage occurs in the lubrication system.

You must check the lubricating oil level and do draining if necessary. Also, check the pressure drop in the separator and pressure drop check. If the pressure is low, replace the element. If the compressor operates at low pressure, then turn on the compressor at the pressure according to the provisions. You may check the lubrication system too.