You may often hear about customer service or people usually call it CS. Then what is imagined in your mind when you hear the word customer service? You will automatically imagine the person who picked up the phone and greeted you, listened to complaints about the product you bought or helped you provide a solution. Apart from that, if your company requires a fixed line to communicate with its customers, then perhaps it must use the reliable 1300 Numbers .

That is true, but what is mentioned before is part of the activities of customer service. Then what is customer service? Experts will tell you that customer service is “providing services to customers before, during, and after purchase.” While some other experts may reveal that customer service is “all interactions between the customer and the product provider at the time of sale, and after that.”

You can see what is similar from definition 2 of this source? Yes, even though it is packaged in different sentences, the core of customer service is serving the customer.

Customer vs. Sales Service

In business, there are several stages that show that the business is growing and developing. This process is called the Product Life Cycle.

From the product sales process, the role of sales is emphasized in introduction, growth, and maturity. As time goes on, over time sales will enter at the stage of decline.

Very dangerous if left unchecked, your business can drop. But if you see at the top of decline there is a word product extension. This is the role of customer service! They will help sales to avoid decline. In a way? Providing good service to customers. Did you know, some customers will repeat orders if the products they buy are satisfying. What about those who are not satisfied? They will definitely complain and will contact customer service.

Customer service services to disappointed customers will determine whether customers will use products and switch to other similar products, or make them re-try products from your business because of good service. It turns out that work as CS cannot be underestimated right? Indirectly, they will determine your sales going forward.