Cars with automatic transmission are now chosen by many people because they are more comfortable to drive. The ease of driving with an automatic car is even more pronounced when it is in the middle of a traffic jam. No need to hold the clutch for long until the feet become sore. In the meantime, you may callĀ when your car needs to be maintained by professionals.

Even if the operation is simple, but if it is not properly maintained, the transmission can be damaged quickly too! The condition is, fortunately, can be seen from several symptoms that appear as follows:

A Jolt Can Be Felt When When You Shift The Gear

Notice when you move the gear in various automatic transmission positions, P-N-D-R and vice versa, does the displacement feel smooth? The transfer of normal automatic transmission must feel smooth. If you feel a beat when you move your teeth or shift gears while driving, then this is one symptom of the automatic transmission of a problematic car. This can occur because of damage to the solenoid pressure, TCM speed sensor or hardening of the piston.

The Car Can’t Drive Uphill Well

When driving through an uphill road, it is recommended to use gear L or D1 on automatic cars. This position is actually the same as the position of the gear “1” in a manual car, so the car is more powerful when climbing. Cars that do not run fast on the uphill road even though the L or D1 gear has been inserted and the gas pedal is plugged in, indicating trouble in the automatic transmission of the car. If this is your case, it’s better to immediately check into the workshop or the mechanic of the subscription.

The Lever Can’t Be Moved

When going to the car, of course, you move the gear from the P (park) position to the D gear. However, when you are going to pass it and the lever can’t move, don’t panic! You need to know, the damage that occurs with these symptoms is due to a broken brake switch. If there is damage to that part, the automatic transmission will signal that the driver cannot step on the brakes. That is why even the gear lever cannot move.