Note the number of electrical devices you use. If possible, you should use a newer and environmentally friendly electric appliance. You can count the number of tools you have before saving electricity. After that, if possible you can replace wasteful tools with other devices that have a larger capacity but are small in power. Aside from that, if you need the affordable and professional experts of electricity, just call the


You can install a voltage stabilizer and an electricity saver in each MCB. Data what electronic devices are used in each room in your industrial building, and as soon as possible immediately remove the plug from the socket after not using it.

If in a certain room at a factory or industrial area there is air conditioning, and if possible, you can turn on the air conditioner for only 2-3 hours with minimal temperature. After use, the air conditioner can be turned off and the room closed to keep it cool.


In saving electricity in the industry, one of the things that must be considered by industrial owners is the electricity system or line inside the factory building. This knowledge will help you determine the right way to save electricity, also minimize unwanted events such as electrical short circuit or fire.

You can discipline employees to sort out devices that can be immediately turned off when not in use and install a voltage stabilizer on a 24-hour device.


It’s simple but it is important. Adequate room lighting can save electricity bills. Don’t underestimate your lamps. Lamp consumption is indeed smaller when compared to other electronic devices. But if the lights are used in large quantities and in a long period of time, it will certainly affect the cost of electricity bills.

One way that can be done to save industrial electricity is to use energy-saving lamps or LEDs. The LED lights are equipped with a device that will filter the electrical energy taken, but still make the lights turn on very brightly. Besides being effective and energy efficient, the price is also very affordable.