We always seem to have time to work, shop, relax watching TV, study, take a walk, etc., but don’t have time to pray. The time to pray can be delayed or reduced if there are other things that are more ‘urgent’ or interesting. We don’t think twice about reducing our prayer time to do other things. We rarely feel anxious when our prayer time is used for other things. Even though in prayer we relate to God. Through prayer, our recognition of God will grow. If you still have the doubt, you can ask someone to pray with you. You can also choose miracle healing prayer.

The first is our recognition of God who loves us. We experience God answering our requests whenever we pray. We will rejoice and thank God because God listens to our requests. Without us praying, what we want may be possible. However, we do not receive the full joy that God promised. It is only if we pray, we can rejoice and be grateful because we know that God hears our prayer requests. And this will also encourage us to continue to pray and beg for God’s help more seriously.

Through prayer, we also know God who cares for our lives. Perhaps, some of us think that we don’t need to pray because God already knows what we need. Indeed, God knows what we need before we come to him in prayer, but God gives us the opportunity to know God who provides what we need in our lives. When we pray, we realize our limitations and dependence on God. Maybe someone thinks that prayer is only for things that are beyond our ability. For things that seem trivial and we can control, we don’t feel the need to pray.