You can pray that your illness will immediately leave you when you get sick. Perhaps, you already know that praying will make you feel calm and peaceful so mentally it will make you calm and peaceful so that the disease can quickly get away from your body. Praying will also make you not keep thinking about your illness and feel positive. Aside from getting miracle healing prayer request, you must also do these following things regarding of sickness that you suffer from.

Taking medication
Of course not only pray you also need to take medicine so that your pain heals quickly. You must take the medication according to the symptoms you feel, and drink it as prescribed. Do not be lazy to take medication regularly so that your disease disappears quickly and you can be healthy again. For example, the doctor recommends that you take medicine three times a day so you don’t just drink it once.

Drinking water
The pain will make you feel you have no appetite and even lazy to do anything just want to lie down in bed, but you may not forget to drink water so you still have energy and not lack of fluids in your body Water is also very beneficial because it can cool down and make you calmer. Water is important especially when you are sick. Water is recommended to drink two liters a day so you do not lack fluids in the body and make you dehydrated and tired.

When sick, rest enough so that your body stays fit and can receive the medication you are taking. Resting will also help the organs in your body work more efficiently than when you wake up and move. Enough rest will also make you heal faster because his body will be fresh and ready to move again.