Everyone should have a high sense of empathy for others. This is because empathy can make your life better miraclehealingprayers.com/. We are also often taught to respect everyone. The teaching is in every religion. God must like people who have high empathy and people who can respect all humans. Many people who choose urgent prayer request that their prayers be answered. You also have to have a high sense of empathy so that everyone can respect you and they don’t mind praying for you.

There are several simple ways you can do so that you can increase empathy in your life.

1. Don’t feel arrogant to others
Sometimes a big prestige can mask a person’s empathy. Seeing that other people are inferior to him. Of course, this is a mirror of bad arrogance. Learn to be sociable in any environment. Be as if there is no distance between yourself and others. Because empathy arises from mutual respect between individuals.

2. Put yourself into someone else
Empathy can also arise if we understand what other people feel. In the current era of globalization, sometimes people often do not care about other people because they have their own busyness. The key to empathy is how to understand others by imagining what other people feel. That way you will realize that being grateful is an important thing in life.

3. Make friends with many people
The last step to increase empathy is to be friends with anyone. High empathy will arise with the more you interact with other people. You will more easily identify other people’s feelings through many interactions. Making friends with anyone does not mean you have to follow the behavior or habits of others. This is more in the direction of looking for patterns of interaction that lead to empathy that will be more trained if you do not close yourself.