Month: June 2019

Things You Should Do When You Suffer From Illness

You can pray that your illness will immediately leave you when you get sick. Perhaps, you already know that praying will make you feel calm and peaceful so mentally it will make you calm and peaceful so that the disease can quickly get away from your body. Praying will also make you not keep thinking about your illness and feel positive. Aside from getting miracle healing prayer request, you must also do these following things regarding of sickness that you suffer from.

Taking medication
Of course not only pray you also need to take medicine so that your pain heals quickly. You must take the medication according to the symptoms you feel, and drink it as prescribed. Do not be lazy to take medication regularly so that your disease disappears quickly and you can be healthy again. For example, the doctor recommends that you take medicine three times a day so you don’t just drink it once.

Drinking water
The pain will make you feel you have no appetite and even lazy to do anything just want to lie down in bed, but you may not forget to drink water so you still have energy and not lack of fluids in your body Water is also very beneficial because it can cool down and make you calmer. Water is important especially when you are sick. Water is recommended to drink two liters a day so you do not lack fluids in the body and make you dehydrated and tired.

When sick, rest enough so that your body stays fit and can receive the medication you are taking. Resting will also help the organs in your body work more efficiently than when you wake up and move. Enough rest will also make you heal faster because his body will be fresh and ready to move again.

What Do You Get When You Pray?

We always seem to have time to work, shop, relax watching TV, study, take a walk, etc., but don’t have time to pray. The time to pray can be delayed or reduced if there are other things that are more ‘urgent’ or interesting. We don’t think twice about reducing our prayer time to do other things. We rarely feel anxious when our prayer time is used for other things. Even though in prayer we relate to God. Through prayer, our recognition of God will grow. If you still have the doubt, you can ask someone to pray with you. You can also choose miracle healing prayer.

The first is our recognition of God who loves us. We experience God answering our requests whenever we pray. We will rejoice and thank God because God listens to our requests. Without us praying, what we want may be possible. However, we do not receive the full joy that God promised. It is only if we pray, we can rejoice and be grateful because we know that God hears our prayer requests. And this will also encourage us to continue to pray and beg for God’s help more seriously.

Through prayer, we also know God who cares for our lives. Perhaps, some of us think that we don’t need to pray because God already knows what we need. Indeed, God knows what we need before we come to him in prayer, but God gives us the opportunity to know God who provides what we need in our lives. When we pray, we realize our limitations and dependence on God. Maybe someone thinks that prayer is only for things that are beyond our ability. For things that seem trivial and we can control, we don’t feel the need to pray.

The Importance Of Customer Service For Your Business

You may often hear about customer service or people usually call it CS. Then what is imagined in your mind when you hear the word customer service? You will automatically imagine the person who picked up the phone and greeted you, listened to complaints about the product you bought or helped you provide a solution. Apart from that, if your company requires a fixed line to communicate with its customers, then perhaps it must use the reliable 1300 Numbers .

That is true, but what is mentioned before is part of the activities of customer service. Then what is customer service? Experts will tell you that customer service is “providing services to customers before, during, and after purchase.” While some other experts may reveal that customer service is “all interactions between the customer and the product provider at the time of sale, and after that.”

You can see what is similar from definition 2 of this source? Yes, even though it is packaged in different sentences, the core of customer service is serving the customer.

Customer vs. Sales Service

In business, there are several stages that show that the business is growing and developing. This process is called the Product Life Cycle.

From the product sales process, the role of sales is emphasized in introduction, growth, and maturity. As time goes on, over time sales will enter at the stage of decline.

Very dangerous if left unchecked, your business can drop. But if you see at the top of decline there is a word product extension. This is the role of customer service! They will help sales to avoid decline. In a way? Providing good service to customers. Did you know, some customers will repeat orders if the products they buy are satisfying. What about those who are not satisfied? They will definitely complain and will contact customer service.

Customer service services to disappointed customers will determine whether customers will use products and switch to other similar products, or make them re-try products from your business because of good service. It turns out that work as CS cannot be underestimated right? Indirectly, they will determine your sales going forward.

This Is The Definition Of The Waterfall Model In Software Development

In the world of software development or foreign terms Software Development, cannot be separated from the stages that must be passed so that the software developed can be completed as expected. There are many software development methods and also custom developed software services that I found in various sources on the internet, and one of them is the waterfall model.

The waterfall is also often referred to as a traditional method and is the method most often used in software development. The cycle in this method is often seen as a classic software development method. The step in the waterfall method is illustrated by the sequence of process flow where each stage will be started/performed if the previous stage has been 100% completed. So it is not possible to go back to the previous stage to make some changes.


The waterfall is very simple, easy to understand and used for beginner developers.
Easy to manage, because each stage has specific tasks.
It saves time because each stage is processed and completed at once.
The waterfall is very effective for developing software on a small scale with some easy-to-understand software requirements.
Testing (testing) is easy to do because it refers to a test scenario that has been defined in the previous functional specifications.


This model can only be used when the exact requirements are needed.
This model cannot be applied to system maintenance (only for the development of new systems).
the main drawback of this model is that once it is in the testing phase, there is no possibility to go back to the previous stage to make a change.
There is no possibility to produce some other software until the last stage of the cycle is completed.
There is no choice to know the final outcome of the project as a whole.
This model is suitable for small projects but is not suitable for old and sustainable projects.
Less ideal for projects with very moderate requirements and large scope for modification.

Proper Way to Investment

Currently, property investment is one of the many investment sectors selected to maintain financial stability so as not to be affected by the increasingly sadistic inflationary impact. Hence, it is very natural that ultimately many investors who choose the property business to save their property from the threat of inflation. You can visit One Pearl Bank condo launch and get the best condo to invest. Of course, by investing in property, you will be easier to earn money without getting some other heavy work that carries great risks.

But even so, the business of this property is not as easy as it is seen. The maximal result of the property business is very much dependent on the strategy you are running. From start planning that must be really mature, location selection and more. In addition, there are some property investment strategies that are considered quite simple but have the potential to generate huge profits, namely your courage to start a property business. In addition, you can also implement some of the following strategies that you can apply to achieve an abundant advantage.

Of the many strategies you can run, there is one specific strategy to run this One Pearl Bank investment. Here are some strategies that you can use to hook the maximum profit.

– Find a Good Developer

The first thing you should do is find a good developer or developer. To know this, you can see it from the tracks they have. Some points that you have to calculate when choosing a developer is a developer must have high-quality human resources, experienced with large projects and must have a very low margin error. You need to know also, the greater the business opportunity property that you will open, then automatically this will make more new developers who arrive. In addition, new and integrated property areas will usually be large and experienced property developers. So instead of speculating with a new developer, it’s better to choose a developer who has experience in various projects such as One Pearl Bank.

These Are Ways To Maintain Your Screw Compressors Routinely

Screw compressors must be properly operated and carefully maintained. Regular and proper maintenance will make the screw compressor long and still work well. Whereas if there is a problem, immediately take the right action so that no more damage occurs. Additionally, if your factory has a lot of damaged ball screws, perhaps you want to hire the best ball screw repair company.

These are ways to do routine maintenance on screw compressors:

Daily routine maintenance that needs to be carried out includes checking oil lubricant leakage, checking the pressure and air temperature discharge, checking vibration on the motor and compressor, checking the pressure of the sump tank, and checking the drain vessel and isolation valve per shift.

Weekly checks include checking the separator element.

Monthly maintenance that needs to be done includes temperature sensor checks, replacement of Food Grade Coolant at first use and 6 months for subsequent changes, and inspection of hose conditions.

Maintenance every 3 months consists of replacing the filter element of lubricating oil, checking the quality of lubricating oil, analyzing the vibrations that arise, and checking the alignment of couplings or coupling alliances.

Maintenance every 5 months or 4000 operating hours includes cleaning of the scavenge screen and orifice, cleaning the coolant cores and changing the air filter.

Annual maintenance or 8000 operating hours consist of Ultra coolant replacement for the first replacement and 2 years for the next replacement, as well as replacement of the starter motor contactor.

Meanwhile, if you are going to troubleshooting, do the handling according to the problems that arise. One of the most common problems is the excess consumption of lubricants or the presence of lubricants in the air system.

This may cause the excessive level of lubricating oil, there is a separator element that has a blockage, the presence of a leaky separator element, the compressor operates with a low pressure of 75psig or 5barg and the leakage occurs in the lubrication system.

You must check the lubricating oil level and do draining if necessary. Also, check the pressure drop in the separator and pressure drop check. If the pressure is low, replace the element. If the compressor operates at low pressure, then turn on the compressor at the pressure according to the provisions. You may check the lubrication system too.

These Are Simple Tips To Choose A Cheap And Decent Generator Set

Before deciding on a generator set or as known as genset, you must pay attention to the needs of electricity in your home, workplace, shop, etc.. For example, you count how many lights, air conditioning, radio, TV, and other electronic devices. Calculate what number of Watts you need and how many KWh of electricity you have so you can choose a generator using a power output that is greater than the amount of electricity consumed by your electric device. Aside from that, you might also need to call the trusted electrician columbia sc when you want to install a new generator set at home.

Choose a generator using fuel that is easy to find

Well, generator sets have several types where there are also several different types of generator fuel. Examples are just like gasoline-powered generators, mixed gasoline (Mixed Gasoline), and there are also diesel-powered generators. Well, if you find it difficult to get diesel fuel, then you can choose a generator with gasoline, making it easier for you when you want to turn on the generator.

Select the generator that has easy operation

For those of you who have difficulty with how to operate a generator, then you can determine the type of generator that is easy to use and it’s not complicated operation so you will not have trouble when turning on and off the generator that you have. Easily you can consult first to people who sell generators.

Select Soundproof/Silent Genset

This type of generator has a sound that is softer or not so loud. But generally, this type of soundproof/silent generator has a relatively large size and the price is more expensive than using an ordinary type generator (Open Generator). When choosing this silent genset, you need an area for storing a wider range, but make sure it’s safety.

Select the generator brand

When determining the generator, it’s a good idea to ask the experts or the seller. Consider the generator set recommended by the shop owner, because they really know about the generator. After they recommend, you can start asking other things like shortcomings, advantages, and complete specifications about the generator so you can choose the best choice.

Here Are Some Tips For Caring For The Bathtub That You Need To Know

Some people always use a bathtub in their home. The existence of a bathtub can make someone feel comfortable. unfortunately, some people did not pay attention to the bathtub in their bathroom. In the end, they renovated their bathroom. They usually use services from large bathroom remodel cost. You really have to choose the right renovation service to renovate your bathroom.

As one of the most important elements at home, you should always pay attention to the bathtub. You also need to know tips on caring for the right bathtub. There are several tips for caring for a bathtub that you can do.

Clean the bathtub immediately after soaking
We often delay emptying water in a bathtub after soaking. Used soap and other ingredients can leave stains on the bathtub if not cleaned quickly. Also, keep in mind that not all bathtub materials are easy to clean.

Protect the bathtub from cracks
Cracks in the bathtub are not only caused by the impact of hard objects. Even too hot water can erode the surface of the bathtub, making it easier to leak. When you want to soak, try not to directly fill the bathtub with hot water. Fill the bathtub first with cold water so the water temperature is not too hot.

You must avoid using hard-based cleaners
A clean brilliant bath certainly has its own charm. However, intensive use and poor treatment can erode the natural luster of the bathtub. To keep the bathtub so that it stays shiny, you must pay attention to the content in the cleaning agent. Hard chemicals can actually leave stubborn stains in the bathtub which will be increasingly difficult to clean. In addition, it is also better if you rinse the bathtub with warm water so that the stain can be more easily cleaned.